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Course Offerings 2017-2018

Courses by Correspondence allow you to qualify at home or office.

  • No need to gas up at the pump - save $$$
  • You choose the time and location
  • No two or more days in classrooms
  • No lost time to make up
  • No traveling and out of pocket expenses
  • All courses can be taken by correspondence

Four (4) credits in each of the five areas are required for license renewal. Two Legal Updates are required and one must be completed by September 30 each year.

The required credits in each area are as follows: (A1 = LU1): 2 hours, (A2 = LU2): 2 hours, (B = IFM): 4 hours, (C = OPP): 4 hours, (D = HR): 4 hours, (E = ELE): 4 hours = 20 hours for CAM license renewal

Area A1 - 2017 Legal Update LU1
  • The 2017 legal update, the only full version available, is available now.
  • This course must be completed before your CAM license is renewed.
  • This is a home study-correspondence course for your convenience. Order as part of 20 hour CAM renewal package and save money.
(2) hours code A1/LU1 #9628413

Area B, C, & D Combined - LANDSCAPING = IFM, OPP, & HR
  • Course includes all tmperature zones in Florida, types of plants that grow well near the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico side, and what plants not to grow.
  • Includes irrigation variables and what times to water.
  • Fertilizer and other chemicals are discussed.
  • Grasses and which grow best in your geographic location.
  • The "Florida" flower and how to have soil testing done for your association property.
(12) hours codes B, C, & D / IFM, OPP, & HR #9626285

Area B, C, D, & E Combined - Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing System Manual = IFM, OPP, HR, & ELE
  • 141 pages in a 3 ring binder "Florida's most hurricane resistant roofing system"
  • DVD disc (12 minutes) - the color action video sets the stage
  • 126 photographs detail several spray polyurethane roofing systems
  • Building instructions and exact samples
  • Engineering inspections
  • Board meetings and committees to formulate your association needs
  • Drawings and detailed illustrations of how to do various tasks
  • Independent inspections
  • MSDS sheets for all materials used in the projects
  • Filing systems with 30 labels to keep your roofing records
  • Warranty and guarantee samples
  • Funding the project and inspections to prolong the lifespan of polyurethane foam roofing systems
  • 37 frequently asked questions and 326 term glossary
  • All of the latest Florida Building Code Requirements for foam roofs
(16) hours codes B, C, D, & E / IFM, OPP, HR, & ELE #9625265

Area B, C, D, & E Combined - Concrete Restoration Manual = IFM, OPP, HR, & ELE
  • This manual is a must for any association to understand the most expensive maintenance cost the association will experience
  • 190 pages, 245 photographs, 34 illustrations, engineering reports, checklists, core testing, chemical data, special assessments, legal opinion, etc.
(16) hours codes B, C, D, & E / IFM, OPP, HR, & ELE #9625334

Area B - Insurances for All Associations = IFM
  • Required insurances for all associations
  • How to bid for coverages with sample forms
  • Glossary of insurance terms and other definitions
  • Get a committee started and obtaining results
(4) hours code B/IFM #9624783

Area B - Insurance Topics for the Condominium = IFM
  • Keeping the Association Properly Insured
  • Bonding & Personal Liabilities
  • Statuatory Requirements
  • Windstorm & Hurricane Coverage
  • Rental Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
(4) hours code B/IFM #0003021

Areas B, C, & D Combined - Association Property Inspections Illustrated = IFM, OPP, & HR
  • This course provides complete easy to follow photo component work sheets and illustrations for compiling all of your associations reserves.
  • The 18-20 year spreadsheet is included, which is now required as part of every associations proposed budget disclosure and provides complete details for updating annually the adopted reserves budget.
(12) hours codes B, C, & D / IFM, OPP, & HR #9625984

Areas C, D, & E Combined - MOLDS - Detection and Treatment = OPP, HR, & ELE
  • This course is for every manager and person who lives in a controlled environment that is contaminated with any of the many pollutants we breathe in any air space.
  • Mold contamination in a foreclosed or poorly maintained property including rental units can be deadly.
  • Explains safety procedures and assistance from local authority and laws for every assoc.
(12) hours codes C, D, & E / OPP, HR, & ELE #9626729

Area C - Maintenance and Repairs VOL 1 = OPP
  • Details on 17 actions which will assist your association in the maintenance of the property
  • Includes ideas on sun shades, toilet repair, water damage protection, TV interference, burst proof washing machine hoses, sliding door, water heater, and thermostat setting
  • Tips on hiring licensed and insured contractors
(4) hours code C/OPP #9624835

Area C - Management Contract = OPP
  • Explains all items of a good management contract
  • Duties of both a management company and what is expected of a manager and of the board
  • The interview, job application, drug testing and a complete CONTRACT that can be cut, pasted, and modified for any occasion
(4) hours code C/OPP #9624908

Area D - Photo Identification Board = HR
  • Using a Camera to Document an Event
  • How to Make a Photo ID Board
  • Camera and Film Suggestions
  • Fully Illustrated Drawings and Photos
(4) hours code D/HR #0003019

Area B & D Combined - Collections / Liens / Foreclosures & Budget = IFM & HR
  • A single 8 hour course in two areas:
  • 4 hours - Insurance & Financial Management, "budget"
  • 4 hours - Human Resources, "communication skills"
  • Procedure for collection notices, lining and foreclosure details
  • Essentials of budget and adoption procedures
  • Sample collection notices and checklists, when attorney gets involved and recovering all costs by association
(8) hours
codes B & D / IFM & HR

Area E - Rules and Regulations = ELE
  • Complete set of working Rules & Regulations
  • State Requirements of various Statutes
  • Required Signs & Posting Regulations
  • Suggested List of Sign Suppliers
  • Forms & Sample Violation Notices
  • Checklists for compliance
(4) hours code E/ELE #0003024

Area E - Maintenance and Repairs VOL 2 = ELE
  • This course expands VOL 1 and adds photographs of controlling humidity and temperature devices, safety equipment, DTM paints for metal door and window frames and electronic devices to purify the air we breathe and tool box kits, basic tools, desk chairs and super sized casters and space age gel seat cushions.
(4) hours code E/ELE #9626754

Area E - Buying or Selling a Condo Questions and Answers = ELE
  • This course is for anyone including the general public who want to know what they are buying and who to ask for the answers.
  • Details include the associations responsibility for providing all documents requested along with the CAM manager's responsibity to both buyer and seller.
  • This new course has been testing in the market and the responces have been positive for all parties concerned.
(4) hours code E/ELE #9625484

Area D & E Combined - Vendor File - Workshop = HR & ELE
  • A must for any association's Day-to-Day operations and in all Disaster or Emergency situations.
  • No high-tech equipment needed! Supplied with a 3-ring notebook, sample pages to cut and paste, plastic business card pages to hold 60 business cards, emergency vendor call list page, day-to-day vendor call page, clear view pages and complete easy to follow instructions -- THIS COURSE WORKS!
(8) hours
codes D & E / HR & ELE

Area D & E Combined - Minutes, Documentation, and Mail Outs = HR & ELE
  • Sample layouts, notices, formats of meetings to scan or copy
  • Preparing for mail outs small or large, mechanical folding machine, and more
(8) hours
codes D & E / HR & ELE

All Courses Written by your State Certified Instructor and licensed CAM. Applied and tested in the field. They Work!

Area A2 - 2018 Legal Update
  • This Legal Update will include all of the changes through the 2017 legislative session.
  • Can be ordered as part of your 2018 CAM renewal requirements. Will be shipped automatically to you when available in Fall 2017.
  • This must be completed by September 30, 2018 for your 2017-2018 CAM License renewal.
(2) hours code A2/LU2 #pending

The Only Original SINCE 1999

Area B - Budget and Financial Topics = IFM
  • The Budget and Statuatory Requirements
  • Posting Budget Meeting Notices
  • Procedure for Notification to Owners, prior to adoption of the budget
  • Forms / Formulas and Checklists
(4) hours code B/IFM #0003022

Package Deals
20 Hr Package - $189.00
18 Hr Package - $169.00

Area B - Flood Insurance = IFM
  • All of the latest FEMA rules and requirements for obtaining and maintaining adequate flood insurance
(4) hours code B/IFM #9625368

Area B - Budget and Insurance Combined = IFM
  • The Budget
  • Statuatory Requirements
  • Forms and Formulas
  • Checklists
(4) hours code B/IFM #0003023

Area B & C Combined - Painting Buildings and the Contract = IFM & OPP
  • Includes preparations, procedures, and material specifications for painting buildings including decks, walkways, fiberglass and steel garage doors, signage, and installation of railings.
  • Q&A sheets all about paints
  • Financial section includes a complete contract, reserves, other funding, special assessments, insurance, and warranties.
(8) hours
codes B & C / IFM & OPP

Area B & C Combined - Reserve Study Illustrated = IFM & OPP
  • This course combines the individual components of any associations reserve and photography to illustrate the history, current condition, replacement cost, anticipated life of each component.
  • Easy to follow step by step procedure, sample notices, budget meeting & minute formats and forms which can be copied - What a time saver!
(8) hours
codes B & C / IFM & OPP

Areas B, C, & D Combined - Letters, Forms, Notices Workshop = IFM, OPP, & HR
  • 12 hour, 100 page course shipped in a 3-ring binder
  • Included CDROM contains forms that can be modified to meet any association requirements
  • Every form can be scanned, copied, or saved on your computer
  • The course will save hundreds of hours in letter, forms, and notices layout time
  • Each form is indexed for easy recovery
  • Sorry, the CDROM will not work with Mac computers
(12) hours codes B, C, & D / IFM, OPP, & HR #9625424

Areas B, C, & D Combined - Florida Mandatory Condominium Inspections Illustrated = IFM, OPP, & HR
  • 12 hour super course, just off the press
  • For all condoniums of three or more floors, following the illustrations can save $$$$ thousands!
(12) hours codes B, C, & D / IFM, OPP, & HR #9625937

Area C - Filing System A-Z = OPP
  • 100 Pre-printed File Folder Labels Included
  • Filing system that works for any Association
  • Statutory requirements for Keeping Records
  • Complete, easy-to-follow instructions
(4) hours code C/OPP #0003018

Area C & D Combined - Emergency Planning Year Round = OPP & HR
  • A single 8 hour course in two areas
  • What about Association Records in an Evacuation
  • How should a CAM Employment Contract reflect Additional Hours / Effort / Emergency Services
  • Medical Alert Vial & Handicap Evacuation
  • Air Conditioning Tie Downs with Illustrations
  • Identification of Association Property
  • Preplanning checklists
(8) hours
codes C & D / OPP & HR

Area E - Review of Management Rules REVISED = ELE
  • The latest CAM rules you must know
  • Various State Forms included
  • CAM courses tracking form
  • Keep all your CAM material in one neat file as a permanent record
  • 20 pre-printed file folder labels as a bonus included for keeping all CAM details in one file!
(4) hours code E/ELE #9624777

Area E - Elections Made Easy = ELE
  • Statutory Election Requirements
  • Sample Forms - Limited Proxy,
  • Designated Voting Certificate & More
  • Election Checklist & Instructions
  • Election Flowchart & Notice Requirements
  • Sample packet of Preprinted Labels for all Election Envelope Requirements
(4) hours code E/ELE #0003025

Area E - Buy or Sell any Association Real Association Property = ELE
  • This course offers dozens of questions and answers to any seller of association real property.
  • Insights and strategy for real estate persons, advertizing, inspections and tips looking from the sellers and buyers.
  • Details that the reader will never think of are discussed. This course is a excellent reference and good reading.
(4) hours code E/ELE #9626163

Area D - New Board Orientation = HR
  • Includes 66 topics outlined & discussed, what all new Board members need to know, do, what not to do, and to act in the best interest of the association and its members
  • Sample forms included
  • This course is a must for CAM's
(4) hours code D/HR #0007523

Area D - Implementing New Statutory Requirements = HR
  • A companion course 4 hours of HR to the legal update provides the forms that can be scanned, copied, or reworded to meet the needs of every association. The board of directors must conduct surveys, inspections, and mail forms to the members.
  • "THAT IS FLORIDA LAW." Forms and complete instructions include new FIRM license application, insurance survey, Condominium Association Candidate Certification Form, and formatted return envelope labels that can be copied.
(4) hours code D/HR #9625600

Area B, C, D, & E Combined - Daily Reference Manual for All Associations = IFM, OPP, HR, & ELE
  • This one of a kind 225 page indexed operations manual is packaged in a (3) three ring binder.
  • Contains the latest DBPR- forms, budget /reserves spread sheets, procedures, sample bid format, notices posting requirements for daily-weekly-annual association procedures and statute updates.
  • Over one hundred hot topics.
  • Preorder and Reserve your copy today - only 20 multiple choice and true /false questions!
(16) hours codes B, C, D, & E / IFM, OPP, HR, & ELE #9625256

If you are currently in Inactive Status and are going to reactivate, call for current requirements and special pricing.

Board Member Certification
I offer the "Cadillac" of Board Member Certification Training Course for Florida Community Associations. NO GASOLINE REQUIRED.

The text is a 253 page home study - correspondence course containing over 100 operational procedures, details and forms for operating any association successfully. An open book test is completed by you and the answer sheet is mailed to your provider for correction. A "Certified Completion Certificate" is mailed back to you score 75% or better on you open book exam. No one fails, but if you do, another answer sheet is mailed to you. This cost of the board member certification course is a legitimate association expense. Your association purchases one text at $200.00 which includes priority mail and a 100 question open book test for board member certification.

Your association will continue to use this complete text as a daily reference for your association operations. CALL or FAX toll free 1-877-321-7424 or 321-784-1449 to order.