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About David L. Richards

Your instructor for the courses will be David L. Richards. Mr. Richards possesses the following qualifications:

  • Licensed Community Association Manager
  • College Educated with a degree in education with a minor in industrial arts education and instructional media
  • State Certified as a Classroom Instructor for 22 years and as a School Administrator for 7 years.
  • Condominium owner since 1980.
  • Qualified as an expert witness under Chapter 90.702 Florida Statutes, by possessing specialized knowledge, training, skill, experience, and education in the field of condominium management.
  • Court appointed receiver for condominium operations as an officer of the court.
  • Board member and C.E.O. of several corporations both in industry and condominiums since 1987. Served on condominium boards as president, treasurer, and board member for many years and presently serving on three corporation boards as C.E.O., secretary, and board member.
  • Commissioned as Notary Public at Large, State of Florida.
  • Author of many correspondence courses for licensed Community Association Managers (CAMs).
  • Project coordinator, hurricane disaster coordinator, and former member of a civil defense team.
  • Uniquely qualified as your instructor, living the experience as a condominium owner/occupant and part of the unending big business of day to day condominium operations.
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